Wild Weeds
New Year's Reboot

      People often talk about rebooting around New Year's Day. It could be that they are just trying to clear their minds of any negative experiences from the previous year or that they are engaging in a reassessment of their goals and priorities. Alternatively, some might be thinking of making drastic changes. Many consider fitness or weight loss goals and others add items to or delete items from their bucket list. In any case, New Year's Day is a time for a new start and whether one plans on maintaining the same course and trajectory as the previous year, or whether one plans on making major alterations, the first day of the year is a good time to kick things off in the right direction. The characters in this video represent different orientations towards the significance of the first day of the year. There probably is no best way to approach New Year's Day other than to avoid being obsessively or compulsively geared towards setting unachievable goals and making unrealistic plans at one extreme and to avoid completely ignoring the opportunity for personal reassessment and priority setting on the other extreme.


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The New Year is a
Good time to reboot
Throw out some seeds and
See which ones take root

Some good people change their ways
And others double down
There are those who work real hard
And some just clown around

Plot your course and
Set some lofty goals
Or cruise along and
Let the good times roll

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