Wild Weeds
Random Video On My Phone

      Nowadays almost everyone has a camera (as a component of their smartphone) with them almost all of the time and with this camera people can take snapshots or videos. As a result people often wind up with lots of images and videos stored on their phones. A few years ago the primary problem with this was that people would run out of storage space on their phones, but current phones have so much storage space that it takes a lot of work to fill up all that space with images and videos. Of course, lots of people also download movies and songs onto their phones and between snapping pictures, shooting videos, and downloading media files some people are able to fill up their storage space. However, getting back to the images and videos which people shoot themselves, it certainly is the case that lots of personal information revealing likes, interests, social circumstances, and other miscellaneous details can be inferred from the videos and images people have stored on their phones. Sometimes some of this private information should remain private, but other times it's all just fun stuff that winds up getting shared on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, or some other social media site.


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There's no rhyme or reason
So don't ask why
It's all just random
So don't over analyze

Random videos on my phone
Don't make much sense
Call it fate or call it luck
It's all coincidence

It's a scattered collection
Of that and this
Mixed up and aimless
Kinda hit and miss

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