Wild Weeds
Trump Hating Turds

      Misuse of the legal system for political purposes should be taken seriously. The problem is that politicians tend to be corrupt and so they make themselves targets for potential prosecution. To make matters worse the most corrupt politicians are the most inclined to engage in unfair practices in their quest to gain and maintain power. It seems that our political and legal systems are fundamentally flawed. Perhaps such problems are unavoidable, but when blatant corruption is discovered it should be dealt with in an aggressive, but fair manner. So, the question is Who is more corrupt, Trump or Biden? At this time it appears that Biden is the most corrupt of the two. Not only is he wasting money on a pointless war in Ukraine, but he is allowing the legal system to be weaponized against his opponent.


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He was much more than a fad
He made them libtards mad
They hated him with much intensity
Then along came big fat Fani
Who searched every nook and cranny
For an excuse to presecute him bogusly

They tried every dirty trick
But couldn't make 'em stick
People saw through their cheap chicanery
Even with the mainstream news
People saw right through the ruse
Give it up - We're gonna save democracy!

Oh - Such a stupid legal game
Oh - Have the libtards gone insane?
Are they freaking really that corrupt?
Trump hating turds
It's time to flush them down the drain!

All them RINOs and their clones
They got hatred in their bones
They're blinded by their NEOCON fantasies
They misused the legal system
Took their best shot but still missed him
They're talking nonsense and I doubt their sanity

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