Wild Weeds
Calyptridium umbellatum (Pussypaws)

      This plant produces clusters of tiny flowers said to resemble the paws of a cat. However, many people have an issue with its name. For some inexplicable reason some people object to the use of the word "pussy" in any context. It's difficult to understand why this would be since the original meaning of the word was synonymous with cat. Later it took on a second meaning as an extention of the phrases "scaredy cat" and "frady-cat" and became synonymous with wimp or coward. There's even the word pusillanimous as further evidence of this meaning. It has only been in recent times that the word took on a third meaning and for some people this seems to be the only meaning of the word which they are aware of. Once considered to be a member of the Purslane Family, this plant is now included in the Miner's Lettuce Family.


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Who would give a plant a name like pussypaws?
Who could be so vile?
So deranged and so profane
A tasteless lack of style
How could someone dare to be
So thoughtless and uncouth?
Didn't they know that YouTube guidelines
Forbade such a goof?

Who would name a plant pussypaws?
Improper and quite rude! Pussypaws!
A danger to the youth! Pussypaws!
Triggering the woke! Pussypaws!

Age restrictions must be imposed
For such a naughty word
How could someone be so crude?
Bad judgement so absurd
Save the youth from words
Which might possibly suggest
Something so innocuous and
Yet ignore all the rest

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