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Powdered Drinks

      The proliferation of powdered drink products is undeniably astounding and the variety of such items is mind-boggling. The shear number of powdered drink products can only be estimated, but their advantageous are hard to deny. They take up little space, have a long shelf life, they don't weigh much, and are incredibly convenient. Going back decades products such as Tang, Koolaid, and various brands of powdered milk have been available for a long time and if we're going to get picky it could be claimed that tea might even count as a powdered drink, although that might be getting a little loose with the definition. However, in recent years just about every imaginable flavor of drink has become available with many healthy items such as high protein powders and vegetable powders becoming available. It's quite possible to get what might be considered to be a very healthy meal complete with high quality protein and a couple servings of vegetables in the form of a highly palatable powder. Just add water and dinner is served!


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There are many powdered drinks, they come in many flavors
Some you drink while driving and some in elevators
Some have lots of sugar and some are artificial
Some are not too healthy and some are beneficial

What you drink is none of my business
And how you drink it I do not care
Whether you blend, shake, squeeze, or you stir it up
Even if you drink it in your underwear...

Cold or hot or on the rocks or even from a canteen
Or a little shake that's fortified with protein
Whoever is responsible they could not be much prouder
I'm totally amazed by the things they do with powder

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