Wild Weeds
Politicians Lie A Lot

      To say that politicians lie a lot seems almost so obvious that it doesn't even need to be mentioned. It's something everybody knows and expects, but also something which undermines our faith in the social order. Although it's almost a tradition and something which has always been the case, it also seems that politicians have been taking dishonesty and deception to a greater and greater extreme in recent years. Possibly it's just that we notice it more since it's easier than ever to fact check from various sources, making it more and more difficult for politicians to hide their lies. Yet they brazingly continue to lie in more and more outrageous ways. It's almost as if they know that we know that they're lying, but they realize that there's nothing that we can do about it.


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Words can often be confusing
Sometimes strange, sometimes amusing
Sometimes they are clear as day
But don't let that get in the way

The fools in charge twist words around
They wanna make you think that up is down
They lie and scold and manipulate
They're playing games with your fate

Politicians lie a lot
Don't let their lies be forgotten
Sometimes lies are necessary
But of lies you should be wary

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