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Plank And Bucket

      There are lots of methods used to eliminate rodents. Whether we're talking mice, rats, ground squirrels, or some other type of rodent, they can all do a lot of damage. Some people may object to harming such cute little critters, but in the real world cute only goes so far. A list of the types of damage done by rodents could be quite lengthy and I'm sure most people are quite capable of listing several examples of how rodents can be destructive. So, it goes without saying that eliminating, or at least reducing the rodent population is something many people find unavoidably necessary. I have personally tried several methods and the one method that got amazing results was the plank and bucket method shown in this video. During a two week period I reduced the rodent population around my house by 53 ground squirrels and 68 mice. All it takes is a plank, a bucket, some water, and a little bait such as bird seed. I added a little rancid flax/chia/hemp seed mix and that seemed to attract rodents from far and wide!


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A plank and a bucket is what it takes
Along with some water and a little bait

Up the plank they crawl
Into the water they fall
Hoping to get a little snack
Once in the bucket there's no turning back

They drown in the water, there's no way out
But preventing destruction is what it's about
Rodents do damage, they take a toll
Their population must be kept under control

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