Wild Weeds
Pile Of Stuff

      What is the secret ingredient Joe Biden uses in his Thanksgiving stuffing recipe? Inquiring minds want to know. Or do they? Although many praise Biden for producing outstanding stuffing, others see it for what it is. It's a little like "The Emperor's New Clothes" only a whole lot more disgusting. It's one thing to look at a naked emperor and proclaim that his clothes are impressive and wonderful, but to actually eat Joe Biden's Thanksgiving stuffing and not puke takes a much more extreme ability to overcome natural revulsion and disgust. However, there are those with this capacity and some even claim that the stuffing Biden makes is delicious and tantalizing. It's hard to believe that this is possible, but reality is often stranger than fiction and it's hard to imagine anything stranger than that.


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It was an awesome pile of stuff
I've never seen anything quite like it
It was piled incredibly high
Like a sacred stairway up to the sky

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