Wild Weeds
Dirty Pickle Prank

      Pickles are quite versatile. There's a lot you can do with them, but that doesn't mean you should allow your imagination to run wild. It is best to think of a pickle as a food and nothing else. Force yourself to not think of anything but food when you see a pickle. It may take a little effort, but if you try hard you will be able to resist and to keep your mind from drifting into unholy territory. Keep your dirty mind under control! Imagination is a good thing, but sometimes it must be reeled in and sticktly disciplined lest one think thoughts which are less than virtuous, pristine, and pure. So, never forget: PICKLES ARE A FOOD AND ONLY A FOOD! They are for eating and only for eating. Nothing else. EVER!


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Joe had issues unresolved
Which he could not overcome
Dark thoughts he could not control
And to them he did succomb

Joe devised a plan
He thought that he was cute
Little did he know
That pickles are a fruit

Despite his confusion Joe did make
A pickle-shaped hand grenade
After bragging online in a video
Joe and his pickle had to go!

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