Wild Weeds
People Are So Annoying

      There are so many things people do that are annoying, but some people are undeniably more annoying than others. There are those who are annoying in little ways and others who are just plain annoying in a bigger way! The list of annoying things that people do is pretty long and some of the annoyances on the list are rather trivial, but most people are annoying in one way or another. Whether it's posting dumb stuff on social media or not cleaning up messes that they've made or cutting others off in traffic, people find an endless number of ways of being annoying! Who is the most annoying person you know? What does that person do? Do you have any annoying habits?


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Some people cut you off in traffic
Some are soul-destroying
Others are contemptuous
Or just straight out annoying
Other people wait until the
Moment that is worst
Or act as if their rude remark
Was totally unrehearsed

People, oh people
People are so annoying
People, oh people
People are soul-destroying

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