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Pencil Sharpener

      Although the purpose of pencil sharpeners is to sharpen pencils, they come in three distinct forms. First of all, there are wall-mounted, hand-cranked models. Secondly, there are electric pencil sharpeners that sit on top of a desk or table. Finally, there are handheld pencil sharpeners that can be kept in a drawer, pocket, or student backpack. When it comes to handheld pencil sharpeners, there are two basic types: 1) Those that catch the pencil shavings, and 2) Those that don't. Pencil shavings can make quite a mess and so the type of handheld pencil sharpener which catches pencil shavings is preferable to one that doesn't. In fact, when using a pencil sharpener that doesn't catch the shavings, it is necessary to use it above a trash can or other container in order to avoid making a mess. All that being said, there are many interesting designs when it comes to handheld pencil sharpeners. Many of these are shown in the video for this song!


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I got me a pencil sharpener
And you might ask why I need one fer

In this age of email
And phones so small and light
Why would you want to
Use a pencil to write?

Scribbles, doodles, and calculations
A pencil's best in certain situations

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