Wild Weeds
Packets Of Seeds

      Like many plant enthusiasts who live in areas with cold winters, I spend the winter making plans for my garden. I do research on new plants to try out, I order seeds, and I read up on new things I'd like to implement in my garden. As such I acquire new books and accumulate packets of seeds. Then all that remains is for the outside world to warm up and for the snow to melt away so I can get to work, but in the meantime I sketch out diagrams and do a lot of reading. Hopefully all the planning pays off with an improved garden. As long as I don't get too ambitious that's generally what happens. Generally, as long as I apply the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) I should stay out of trouble.


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I've got packets of seeds ready to go
I'll plant them sometime when there's no more snow
But until that time I'll study and read
And strategize a plan that's bound to succeed

So many plants
Some common, some rare
Grow from small seeds
And into the air

I've got a lot of books full of information
To help me make my garden a colorful sensation
Diagrams and plans and lists of stuff to do
The snow will melt away in a month or two

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