Wild Weeds
Oprah 2024

      After the "Dark Brandon" speech Biden gave in Valley Forge during early January 2024, half the country trusts him even less than before. The speech was unhinged, hateful, and divisive. It was remarkable that a sitting president would give such a spiteful and petty speech, but that's just the type of person Biden happens to be. Besides being senile, worthless, ineffective, off-his-rocker, and a liar, he's also a vindictive son of a bitch! That said, it might be a good idea for the democrat party to find someone else to run as their presidential candidate since it looks like their attempts to keep Trump from returning to the White House are doomed to failure. Most people have doubts that Biden was legitimately elected as president in 2020 and it's becoming more and more apparent that the election was rigged.


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Oprah is her name
And she is the queen
Of all the media
And the pop culture scene

Oprah has a chance
To defeat Donald Trump
Biden's ratings have declined
Into a little slump

She'll need a running mate
Michelle Obama
Their victory could cause
Just a little drama

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