Wild Weeds
Being Offended Does Not Justify Censorship

      Freedom of speech is constantly being attacked. Whether it's a congressional action to ban TikTok or moral panic over deep fakes, it seems there's always someone coming up with an excuse to infringe on our fundamental free speech rights. These freedom-hating individuals always have some weak justification for their actions and it's usually some kind of emotional pitch designed to manipulate susceptible individuals who have not developed the ability to think critially about important issues. Distracted from the main issue by an emotional appeal, people can lose sight of the significant underlying issues and may be persuaded into supporting an initiative which trades away a significant right for a transitory advantage to some group of individuals. The biggest problem here is that few are willing to push back against the manipulation since the manipulators resort to dirty tricks to make those who stand up for the truth look bad.


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It's hard to say what damage was done
Or why anyone should care
But her face was displayed in an image
On a body that happened to be bare

They call it porn, but it was just a nude
The distinction must not be lost
Artistic expression should never be banned
That line should not be crossed

Freedom of speech is the important thing here!

They say her reputation has been marred
But it's hard to understand how
Would it have been a different thing
If the body had been a cow?

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