Wild Weeds
Victoria Nuland (The Cookie Lady)

      Recently promoted to Deputy Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland has served in the administrations of several presidents including George Bush, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, and Joe Biden. For some reason she never worked in the Trump administration. She is regarded as one of the main architects of the coup which occurred in Ukraine back in 2014 which led to heightened tensions with Russia. She earned the nickname "The Cookie Lady" because while in Kiev with John McCain she gave out cookies to people who listened to her and McCain give speeches in which they encouraged the overthrow of the legally elected president in Ukraine. And yes, she has a reputation for swearing.... a lot! Nuland is said to have a severe case of Russophobia and in particular hates Vladimir Putin.


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Her name is Nuland - Victoria Nuland
And her mind is full of rot
Her name is Nuland - Victoria Nuland
And I swear she swears a lot

She swears when she gets up each day
And cusses like a pimp
She's really mad at Zelensky
For being such a wimp!

Her name is Nuland - Victoria Nuland
And she hates Putin a lot
Her name is Nuland - Victoria Nuland
Is she really the best we've got?

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