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No Nut November

      A song which proves that context matters! Most commonly the word nuts refer to a fruit with a hard kernel which grows on trees. Of course, there are other meanings for the word and so the question is what meaning is applicable when it comes to No Nut November? Other meanings have to do with crazy people and the kind of nut that goes with a bolt, but there are other meanings. In fact, Merriam-Webster lists eleven possible meanings for the word, but none of the listed meanings applies to No Nut November (NNN). We must go to a website such as the "Urban Dictionary" in order to gain insight into meanings for the word nut which are relevant to NNN. Unsurprisingly, WikiPedia also has an entry for NNN for those who are interested in what that's all about. However, taken at face value, it would seem that NNN is about abstaining from the consumption of nuts during the month of November and as crazy as that might seem, that's what this song is all about!

(Apologies to those with nut allergies.)


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Nuts are healthy, nuts are good
Eat nuts everyday, you know you should
Giving up nuts is really rather lame
No nut November is totally insane!

Walnuts, almonds, filberts, and even cashews
All sorts of nuts are good for you
Nuts should never be eliminated
There's no way that their benefits can be exaggerated

No nut November, you've gotta be mad
What a total scam! What a stupid fad!
Eating nuts is a healthy habit
Don't ever stop you silly rabbit!

There's no need to stop, there's no need to abstain
Don't participate in their stupid game
Nuts are healthy so eat some more
No nut November just ignore!

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