Wild Weeds
Welcome To Neocon Hell

      Interfering in the affairs of others often leads to trouble. The Neocons never learned that lesson. In fact, they've gotten away with it for decades! However, eventually their bad habits have come back to bite them in their backsides. It's an important lesson for them to learn, but in the meantime the entire world has been harmed as a result of their lack of common sense. At the end of the video it is stated that the moral of this story is that one should not poke the bear. It could have just as easily been that one should mind one's own business. Either way, it's clear that the Neocons have a lot to learn and that it would be better if more intelligent people were in charge of things.


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You might think it's funny
You might be entertained
You might find it gratifying
And if you do you're insane

It's a royal screw up
It's a complete disaster
It's people needlessly dying
While you get richer faster

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