Wild Weeds

      Although cannibalism isn't actually funny, it nonetheless does wind up as the subject of many jokes. Many people have a sick and twisted sense of humor and people like that will probably at least get a grin or a giggle out of the song and video included on this page. To add to the fun, here are a few cannibal jokes for you to ponder and/or enjoy:

Q: What is a cannibal's favorite food?
A: Baked beings.

Q: What happens if you upset a cannibal?
A: You get into hot water.

Q: How can you help a starving cannibal?
A: Give him a helping hand.

Q: What does a cannibal call a skateboarder?
A: Meals on wheels.


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No one really had any idea
Wuz it rat, skunk, snipe, snake, rabbit, or deer
But we were poor living in the back woods
And mama tried to feed us anyway she could

Rumors kind of weird were going round
People like to gossip in small towns
And one simple question they'd often repeat
Wuz what wuz in that mystery meat?

Comments unkind, some downright mean
Theories, speculation, implications obscene
They said it was strange and awful weird
How all of a sudden dad disappeared

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