Wild Weeds
Mountain Flower Fantasy

      When it comes to flowers, some years are better than others. This is especially true when the topic is wildflowers. Precipitation in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail varies greatly from year to year and as a result the quantity and quality of the resulting wildflowers varies accordingly. Other factors may come into play, but the most important factor is without a doubt precipitation. However, years where the rainfall and snowfall are high are not without some problems. Almost without exception mountain passes stay clogged by snow further into late spring or even into early summer and often road damage and fallen trees also delay access to many trailheads and access points located in mountainous areas. Of course, following several years of drought a year with above average precipitation is quite welcome and it makes one appreciate the resulting wildflower show all the more.


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There I was one afternoon
Hiking down a mountain trail
Thankful for the pinewood forest
And the fresh air I inhale

Mother Nature's majesty
Mountain flower fantasy

Pretty flowers all around me
Swaying in the gentle breeze
Saturated by the sunlight
And pollinated by the bees

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