Wild Weeds
Don't Be A Moron

      It's as if the zombie apocalypse movies have become reality. Morons roam the streets, they share the road with us, and they even teach our children. It's like a very strange Twilight Zone episode only it is our new reality. However, it's a social reality completely disconnected from anything which is grounded in truth, justice, or actual reality. It celebrates dysfunctionality. It glamorizes decadence and it shuns anything which in any way resembles any form of intelligence. Propaganda is the new orthodoxy and amplification of lies is the new norm. Anyone who stands up against the madness is cancelled and anyone who dares to speak the truth is ridiculed. However, there is hope that people with integrity will stand up against the tidal wave of idiocy and insist on a social reality grounded in actual reality and not crazy, decadent fantasies which reside in the hollow heads of the morons currently in power.


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Don't be a moron
Don't be an idiot
Show some integrity
Don't be a hypocrite

The woketard does her
Math all wrong
She knows not what she's doing
The stupid vibes are strong

She says all whites are racist
She's solid with Ukraine
She believes the propaganda
She's on the stupid train!

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