Wild Weeds
More Snow

      Interestingly, the original meaning of the word trudge was to walk using snowshoes, and anyone who's ever walked in snowshoes would understand why that might be. However, when the snow is deep and powdery, it is better to have snowshoes, than not to have them. Slow and awkward they may be, but sinking into the snow up to one's knees (or possibly even deeper) is far worse. Of course, skiers and snowboarders see mostly advantages when they think of snow, but even they must deal with some of the inconveniences caused by snow and the list of inconveniences is somewhat lengthy and it includes lots of issues involving vehicular travel, snow removal, slipping and falling, and other types of accidents. On the other hand, snow replenishes aquifers, provides water for plants, keeps streams and rivers flowing, and fills up lakes. Just the same, too much of a good thing is not a dream come true!


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Snowshoes help, but still a walk is
Nothing more than a slow trudge
The snow is deep and hard to deal with
How long it will last is hard to judge

More snow - It's getting deeper
More snow - On the trees
More snow - Accumulating
More snow - Up to my knees

Some insist that it is pretty
Beautiful and scenic too
But too much of a good thing is
Not a dream come true

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