Wild Weeds
Happy Mother's Day

      The inspiration for this video was a presentation about Scratch made by Mitch Resnick, professor at the MIT Media Lab. Scratch is a programming language created at MIT for the purpose of teaching programming skills to children, primarily in grades four through eight. Just the same Scratch is so much fun that lots of people enjoy using Scratch and some of the projects created by Scratch users and posted to the Scratch website are quite impressive.

Check out these links:
Mother's Day Project at Scratch
Resnick Presentation Embedded Here


Watch video on this page at YouTube!

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Candy, socks, or lipstick
Roses, rings, or plants
A box full of fancy soap
Teddy bears that dance
Clothes or art or perfume
There's so much we could get
To express appreciation
For the best mom yet

Mom is wow turned upside down
And yer the best dern mom around
We celebrate moms every May
Have a happy Mother's Day!

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