Wild Weeds
Missing Nuts

      Everybody misplaces stuff and sometimes when we misplace something we believe that someone else actually took our stuff. Sometimes we get quite angry at that someone only to later discover that we simply forgot where that certain item was located. This video features a squirrel who seems to have lost track of his nuts. He mistakingly concludes that the owner of the yard he lives in is responsible for his missing nuts. The owner is, of course, baffled by the squirrel's strange behavior, but is likely to at some point put out some store-boughten nuts for the squirrel just the same because he's a nice guy. As for the evil, robotic, attack turtle that appears in the video, be very careful. He's not nice! He might actually be the one responsible for the missing nuts. It's hard to say!


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He seems to be angry, he seems to be mad
The mood he's in is most likely bad
Is he scowling at me or at the turtle beside me
It's hard to tell the reason he's angry

Evil squirrel outside my window
Giving me a dirty look

What the issue is it's hard to tell
As my turtle hides inside his shell
Apparently the squirrel has rotten luck
Blaming me for his missing nuts

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