Wild Weeds
Not Quite Exactly Meat

      Many backpackers (and hippies) recall TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) from back in the 1970s. For backpackers it represented a lightweight protein source that did not require refrigeration. For hippies who happened to be vegetarians it was a non-meat source of protein. Either way it fulfilled a need. Nowadays there is renewed interest in non-meat sources of protein and the emphasis has been on protein sources which taste as much like meat as possible. A wide variety of products are now available and some of them are not too bad and some are complete failures. While freedom of choice is a good thing and this proliferation of meat alternatives provides a greater number of options to people who are interested in non-meat sources of protein, there are those who would like to coerce others into giving up meat altogether. It is to those authoritarian types that this song is directed.


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Grown in a lab, it's gonna be nutritious
Like it or not, you'd better say delicious
They know what is best, you've got no voice
You're gonna eat your veges, you've got no choice

You might call them
The libtard elite
But guess what, they're
Coming for your meat

They'll tell you how to live and what to think
They wanna control what you eat and drink
Pretty soon we'll all be vegetarians
Cuz this country's run by authoritarians

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