Wild Weeds
Little Birdy

      Birds build their nests in the strangest places and they use some of the oddest materials to build them with. It's amazing that they last long enough for the baby birds to grow big enough to fly off and live on their own! This video features some baby birds who lived above the light next to my front door for a couple weeks. I checked on them every couple days and was able to observe them develop from little hatchlings into birds ready to fly away and leave the nest behind. As you can see from the video, bird nests get pretty dirty as a result of the lack of restroom facilities and the crowded conditions which exist in the nest. No wonder the little birdies are so eager to leave the nest when they are big enough to fly off on their own!


Watch video on this page at YouTube!

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Little birdy, little birdy
You are not exactly purdy
Little birdy, little birdy
And that nest is awful dirty

Better watch out for the cat
If he finds out where you're at
Or if a snake should come along
You will not last for long

Little birdy, little birdy
Your nest is not too sturdy
If the wind goes over thirty
It will blow away for sure-ty

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