Wild Weeds
Age Is Just A Number

      Maxine Waters likes to threaten her political foes and she's done so on a number of occasions. During the trial of Derek Chauvin she told protesters (who were already violent) to be even more confrontational, sending a message to the jury that they had better render a verdict which she would approve of. Most people think of LeBron James as a big, dumb basketball player, but apparently he likes to think of himself as a politcal pundit. After an incident in which a cop saved the life of a black girl (but had to kill another black girl who was in the process of stabbing the girl who was heroically saved), LeBron tweeted his disapproval of the cop's actions and wrote "You're next" indicating that the wrath of the unreasonable and deluded ideological left was headed his way. Since these two lunatics think so much alike it seems highly probable that they would get along quite well together despite the fact that Waters was born in 1938 and LeBron was born in 1984, but as they say, "Age is just a number."


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She's a little old, but what the heck
LeBron and Auntie Maxipads
A few too many wrinkles on her neck
LeBron and Auntie Maxipads

Age is just a number
Their love should never slumber
She might be old and gray
But age should not get in the way

They're decades apart, but they think the same
LeBron and Auntie Maxipads
LeBron is his name and cougar hunting's his game
LeBron and Auntie Maxipads

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