Wild Weeds
Leap Day

      February twenty-ninth is somewhat problematic. It happens only once every four years, during a leap year, and for this reason it is often referred to as "Leap Day." This simple fact brings up an interesting question: How do people born on Leap Day have birthdays during the three years between each leap year? The solution is to consider their birthday to be March first on the three years between leap years and to celebrate their birthday on February twenty-ninth during a leap year. That seems simple enough, but it is still a little bit confusing.


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If you're a frog or a kangaroo
Then Leap Day was made for you
It happens once every four year
And then for three it disappears

Leap Day is not a holiday
It's just an extra day
For three years it goes away
But actually it's here to stay

Now for an historical fact
You really ought to know
Julius Ceasar had the idea
Over 2000 years ago

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