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The Last Digit Of Pi

      Pi is an irrational number. It has been calculated using computers to trillions of decimal places. On the other hand, people attempt to memorize digits of pi and sometimes participate in contests to see who can memorize the greatest number of digits of pi. Often such contests are held on or around March 14 since March 14 (3/14) is Pi Day. The record for the greatest number of digits recited at such a contest is over seventy thousand digits and it took over seventeen hours for these digits to be recited. At the end of the video embedded on this page a contestant in a Pi Day contest is asked to recite the digits of pi starting at the last digit and going backwards. The contestant states that this is impossible. Is the contestant correct? Why or why not?


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Pi is a number that's infinity long
Which means that it's too long for this song
So why talk about it? Why even try?
If it never ends, then what's the point of pi?

Archimedes had a good idea
Involving polygons
Successive approximations
Mathematical phenomenon

The number of known digits
Gets increasingly high
But no one can name
The last digit of pi

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