Wild Weeds
Joe And His Camel

      Kamala Harris is the first trans-species vice president. Although Joe Biden is arguably human, Kamala Harris identifies as a camel, although she prefers to spell camel with a K. As such, her pronouns are "khee" and "kerr" and she requires a flea bath twice a week. Recently in a speech before a small group of otherkin she vowed that she will work to increase public awareness of trans-species dysphoria and to help otherkin gain official legal recognition as a legitimate special interest group. In her address to the gathering of otherkin she stated that as the first trans-species vice president that she understands the challenges which other otherkin face and that she will help them to break through social barriers and overcome common prejudices and stereotypes. "Human-privilege is a problem we must work together to overcome. Humans have ruined this planet and we must take it back from them," she stated at the conclusion of her speech.


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She walks through the sand in his dreams
He's the king and she's the kween
They rule together in his mind
To reality he is blind

Kamel Kween
Kamel Kween
He's the king
And she's the queen

There's something wrong with his dream
It melts in the sun like ice cream
A challenge to the status quo
Will end the dreams of Sleepy Joe

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