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Biden Goes To Kiev (With Putin's Permission)

      Is it Kyiv or Kiev? It depends who you ask. For people living in western Ukraine it's Kyiv and for those in the east it's Kiev. Ukraine is a divided nation and the USA exploited this division back in 2014 when it instigated a coup. Since then things have steadily gotten worse. However, this song focuses on a trip Biden took to Kiev in February of 2023. There was a lot of misinformation about this trip, but the truth is that he informed the Russians that he was traveling into Ukraine and that he took a ten hour train ride from the Polish border to Kiev in order to meet with Zelensky. There was some media hype including a gratuitous air raid siren to make Biden look like a bold and brave leader, but only the very stupid fell for that stunt.


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Biden had to ask Putin
For permission to visit Kyiv
He had to take the train
Ten hours - Too dumb to believe

Biden went to Kiev to visit
His special friend

Air raid sirens went off as
Biden bombed his own pants
No one was surprised by his little
Visit or the song and dance

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