Wild Weeds
Kangaroo Court

      Some people claim that the conviction of Donald Trump on bogus charges in New York proves that no one is above the law. I wonder if they'll still be singing that same tune when the conviction is reversed and they become the subject of a probe into election interference. They may be laughing and celebrating now, but the illusion of victory won't last long. Already in the short time following the false conviction, Trump has received record campaign donations and a huge standing ovation at a sporting event. Joe Rogan and Elon Musk have come forward and condemned the verdict and it looks like Trump is headed for a big win in November. Instead of resorting to cheap tactics in order to have a chance of winning an election fair and square, maybe the democrats should drop Biden and attempt to find a candidate who is not a complete loser!


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Alvin Bragg and some moron named Merchan
Conspired to go after Trump
They picked a jury of mindless nitwits
Every one a useless lump

Kangaroo court - It was a kangaroo court
True justice they did seek to thwart
Kangaroo court - It was a kangaroo court
Democracy on life support

What a waste of money, what a waste of time
False prosecution for a make-believe crime
Our legal system's going up in smoke
And it makes our country look like a joke

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