Wild Weeds
Just Plain Water

      There are a lot of liquids available for people to drink. Just go to any grocery store and it is quite likely that you will find a couple aisles devoted to nothing but liquid refreshment. Some of these products can be rather expensive and others are pretty cheap. Many of these items contain sugar, some are sweetened artificially, and some are not sweetened at all. There are plain, ordinary bottles, and there are fancy or colorful bottles. Cartons and cans may also be used and of course whether we're talking bottles, cartons, or cans they are available in various sizes. On top of all that there are all sorts of flavorings to choose from. There's tea, cola, fruit juice, root beer, and all sorts of exotic and not so exotic flavors waiting to be plucked up off out of the shelf. Even when it comes to water, there's quite a variety of products competing for a chance to quench your thirst. Another much less expensive option is to drink tap water, but it may be necessary to purchse a filtration system in order to make tap water safe to drink.


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When I get thirsty
I like to have a drink
And deciding on what to have
Is easier than you think

Water, just plain water
Water, my thirst will slaughter

Don't need no fancy flavors
And soda is the worst
There's nothing that is better
Than water to quench a thirst

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