Wild Weeds
Juniper Berries

      If you do much hiking in the southern Sierra Nevada range, you'll come across large gnarled juniper trees from time to time. They can be quite impressive. An interesting feature of junipers is the bluish berries they produce. You'll see them in the trees, on the ground beneath the trees, and sometimes in the scat of various animals, primarily coyotes and bears. It's doubtful that coyotes and bears eat the berries out of preference. It's more likely that a lack of alternatives causes them to eat the berries. As for humans, the berries can be used to make gin and as a spice used to add flavor to various food items. The berries are also said to have various medicinal properties.

California Juniper
Sierra Juniper


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They grow on trees that are quite tall
Some people rub them on their skin
And through it seems a little odd
They're often used to flavor gin

Juniper berries

Bears eat them sometimes, you can tell
Because you see them in their poo
They leave upon the ground and you
Don't want to step on with your shoe

Juniper berries

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