Wild Weeds
Hypocrites And Stupid Fools

      Politicians are the scariest monsters to have ever haunted human society. They lie, cheat, and steal. They are corrupt and they are always looking for ways to help themselves at the expense of others. There seems to be no limit to their depravity. They are without a conscience and above all they serve those even more evil than themselves. It seems there is no escape from this state of affairs, but why? Are humans inherently evil or is there something about political power which attracts the worst among us? Is there any way to set up a system which keeps evil people from becoming influential or is it an unavoidable glitch in the Matrix, so to speak?


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Halloween is frightening
Demon songs the demons sing
Zombies, ghosts, and nasty ghouls
Hypocrites and stupid fools

Corrupt, depraved, degenerate
Completely illegitimate
Parasites, Satanic rites
Walking brain-dead fiends

If only they would go away
When the nighttime turns to day
A nightmare is much preferred
To a living hell that's never cured

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