Wild Weeds
The Hunter Biden Trash Art Song

      Considering all the scrutiny focused on Trump and his friends and family, why is it that similar scrutiny has not been placed on Biden's friends and family? There actually seems to be more corruption going on with the Bidens than with this Trumps. While Trump gets hassled over any little thing that can be misrepresented to provide an excuse for continued legal persectution, major issues involving Biden and his family are just overlooked and swept under the rug. This willful and obvious deviation from the concept of equal justice under the law threatens to undermine the credibility of our entire justice system. When one person is prosecuted for imaginary infractions of the law, while another is given a pass when major crimes are committed, it becomes impossible for reasonable people to trust those responsible for this blatant and inexcusable abuse of power!


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His name is Hunter
And he makes trash art
His name is Hunter
And he ain't that smart

He always had a knack for
Makin' stuff look really bad
But that don't really matter when he's
Money laundering with his dad!

His name is Hunter
He's a spoiled rotten bum
His name is Hunter
He ain't nuthin' but scum

You might call it trash
You might call it junk
He probably made it
While totally drunk
The whole situation
Stinks worse than a skunk!

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