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How Cold Can It Get?

      The answer to this musical question depends a lot on where you live and depending on where you live it may be a greater or lesser concern depending on how extreme winters tend to be in your area. Although some people say that talking about the weather is converation's last refuge or something people talk about only when they can't think of anything more interesting to talk about, for some people it is a legitimate concern worth discussing. In fact, The Old Farmer's Almanac puts a lot of effort into attempting to predict winter weather because for farmers the weather has a huge impact on their livelihood and for that reason is something that they might talk about with other farmers and anyone else who might have useful information to share with them. However, even people who aren't farmers have reason to be concerned about the weather and winter weather is potentially the most dangerous weather for quite a few reasons. So, it stands to reason that people might be concerned about how cold it can get in the winter and that's basically what the song on this page is about!


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How cold can it get? How cold can it stay?
Will the snow pile up or melt away?
Will you stay warm or will you freeze?
Will the snow accumulate up in the trees?

How cold will be this winter? We'd really like to know
Will it be a little chilly or forty below?
Will the skies be dark and will the wind howl?
Will evil snowmen be on the prowl?

Is my supply of wood gonna be enough?
Should I frolic in the snow in the buff?
Will we face the wrath of winter's fury?
How bad will it be? I'll try not to worry

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