Wild Weeds
Halloween House of Horror

      It is ironic and somewhat appropriate that Halloween Day is just a few days before Election Day in the USA. More and more it seems that the only people willing to run for political office are more like freaks, monsters, and creeps, than like competent and sane people. It's a sad state of affairs, but anyone who pays attention to the news must admit that most politicians lack qualities such as honesty, integrity, and reasonableness. The amount of corruption at both the national and state level has gotten to such extremes that it is considered completely normal. Rather than making even the slightest attempt to create legislation which advances the interests of ordinary citizens, politicians cater only to those with lots of money. Some politicians talk as if they really care about regular citizens, but as they say the best way to tell if a politician is lying is to check to see if his or her lips are moving!


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Why do people all the time
Do things that they soon regret
While they're playing 'round
On the internet?
Politicians, talk show hosts, and
Dumb celebrities
Make themselves look stupider
Than animals on skis

It's a Halloween house of horror
Never ending fear
It seems to get more frightening
Every single year

A stupid tweet, an awkward meme
Or poorly choosen words
A drunken tirade screamed while
You're flipping double birds
Embarrassing monstrosities
Horrific to extremes
Good for cheap headlines and
For Halloween screams!

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