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Joy Reid Stole Donald Trump's Hair

      How someone named Joy can be so angry and hateful is indeed a mystery, but she does work for MSNBC where hate and anger are prerequisites for the job. That said, there are a number of things which set Joy Reid apart from the rest of the MSNBC news (propaganda) crew. Most obvious of all is her hair and although focusing on appearances is a little on the superficial side, ignoring her bizarre hair is hard to do. In fact, some insist that she stole one of Donald Trumps toupes, although it is probably the case that Trump does not actually wear a toupe. Another prominent aspect of Reid's personality is that she insists on playing the "angry black woman" despite her apparent success. She routinely insists that all blacks are due reparations and claims that blacks "built this country," apparently oblivious to the fact that people of all nationalities contributed to building this country and that the black contribution is not especially great compared to that of other racial groups. The list of Reid's peculiarities could go on at great length, but suffice it to say that she is most definitely a left-wing nutjob!


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Joy Reid stole Donald Trump's hair
I'd recognize that mop anywhere
Weird unnatural pigmentation
It's a case of cultural appropriation

How'd she make such a sneaky switch?
Give him back his hair you witch
Put it in a box and send it in the mail

Joy Reid oughta be ashamed
And her blatant fraud oughta be proclaimed
She wishes she could be like Trump
But she looks more like a donkey's rump

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