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REAL TURKEY: Gobble On Thanksgiving

      There has been some talk of a turkey shortage this year. Along with rampant inflation, one way or the other it's likely that the cost of a Thanksgiving Day feast will be much greater than ever before. Along with inflation is a continuing trend away from tradition with some people preferring to replace the traditional Thanksgiving Day bird with a tofu turkey or another substitute of some kind. As far as I'm concerned that's all fine and good, but there are those, such as the person depicted in this song, who object to such a deviation from the customary way of celebrating T-Day. That's not to say that turkey is the only item on the T-Day table that is part of conventional holiday cuisine. There are plenty of other items which are usually included in a tradtional Thanksgiving Day feast such as pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, yams, peas, etc.


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My Uncle Ned is known to be
A little kind a bit picky
He don't like soup and he don't like stew
And chances are he won't like you

Ya gotta have real turkey
To gobble on Thanksgiving

So this year for Thanksgiving
We made a change or two
And when he saw our turkey
He said a tofu one won't do

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