Wild Weeds
The Gender Agenda

      A life of illusion is just part of the deal and probably not the worst part. Let's be honest, many people are not grounded in reality and as a result they have difficulty distinguishing reality from BS. Ideologues have taken over universities and have substituted fantasy for academics. Although the hard sciences may have been spared from some of the impact of this lunacy, even students enrolled in hard science programs are forced to take the indoctrination classes developed by the idiots in charge. While some students have the intellectual self-defense skills to recognize ideological indoctrination techniques and to maintain a grasp on reality, many give into the group pressure exerted by the nutjob mob running many institutions of higher learning.


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It takes a man to be a woman and a girl to be a man
What part of this logic don't you understand?
Nevermind genetics that don't matter nowadays
It's just a social construct anyways

The gender agenda, like it or not
Traditional values are outdated rot
Don't ask any questions, you'll be sorry you asked
We've completely rewriting the imperfect past

Repurposed parts and snap on tools
There's no need now for your family jewels
Ignore human nature, it only matters how you feel
A life of illusion is just part of the deal

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