Death Valley Plants

      Cold weather and being sick with a cold or the flu are highly correlated and yet it is germs that actually cause sickness, not cold weather. Regardless of the reasons for the connection between cold weather and sickness it is so obviously apparent that the months from November to March are often referred to as Cold and Flu Season. During these months absences due to sickness at work and school are much higher than during any other time of the year. Adults and children wind up staying home and feeling miserable with symptoms ranging from stuffy noses and scratchy throats to nausea and diarrhea. As a result all sorts of products including cold and flu remedies, facial tissues, and vaporizers sell at great quantities during cold weather. Physicians may also find themselves a little busier than usual during this time. Whether or not you go to a physician for your illness, often you will wonder what led to you getting sick. This song provides an example of a character who has a hypothesis about what caused him to become ill.

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