Wild Weeds
Middle School Essay

      During middle school Sonia had a crush on a boy with blond hair named Donny. She was severely traumatized when the other girls in her class told her that he often referred to her as Pigface Sonia. A reporter asked her in a recent interview about this and Sonia claimed to not recall any such incident. Most likely she repressed the memory due to the trauma it caused her. However, ever since middle school, Sonia has displayed an intense hatred for all males with blond hair, especially those named Donny, Donald, or Don. One person who provided her with emotional support back in middle school was her seventh grade English teacher, Ms. Lezbowski, who always knew that Sonia was a special girl and who encouraged her to express her feelings with the written word.... and in other ways we won't get into here.


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Way too hyperbolic
On the verge of moronic
It seems she missed the point
In her middle school essay

She got carried away
If all she can do is fearmonger
She shouldn't be a justice any longer!

Hysterical and confused
She needs to be disabused
Of the bogus ideas she expressed
In her middle school essay

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