Wild Weeds
The Biden Elite

      How strange it would be to achieve the dream of becoming president of the USA, but not have enough brain power left to enjoy the accomplishment. Sad? Ironic? Maybe Surrealistic? Biden is led around and protected. He can barely read from a telepompter. The guy is incompetent and barely cognizant of his surroundings. His policies make little sense and he is rapidly leading the USA into a war it cannot win. The proxy war in Ukraine is basically over. It can be prolonged, but at the cost of thousands of lives. Why send people to die in a war that can't be won? It's a travesty that only a senile old fart or someone consumed with greed would allow.


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Taking on the Russians all by himself
Biden dreams the same dream every night
When will Putin learn he cannot defeat
The forces of good and the Biden Elite?

Biden - The super hero and the
Single greatest leader we've ever seen
He will conquer evil
How did Biden learn to fly an F-16?

Flying over Ukraine in his dreams
Or while eating ice cream he imagines himself
Evading Russian missiles with the utmost ease
And bringing those Ruskies to their knees

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