Wild Weeds

      Back in 2013 John McCain delivered a little speech in Kiev and in his speech he called for the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Ukraine. Several weeks later the American-instigated insurrection took place and Ukraine was thrown into chaos with slightly more than half of the country angry that their votes had been nullified and slightly less than half of the population happy to bypass the inconvenience of a fair election and to impose their will on the majority. As a result many Ukranians asked Russia to step in and help out and Russia did just that, allowing Crimea to become part of Russia and providing support to those living in eastern Ukraine to stand up to the tyranny of the terrorists who had overthrown the democratically elected government. Although it has now been seven years since the annexation of Crimea, there are still crybabies, mostly in the USA, babbling on about how Russia had no right to help people who were being threatened and attacked by armed terrorists. For those whiners still complaining I sing this song:


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Down in the valley
The valley so low
Cry me a river (Crimea river)
Let the tears flow
Let the tears flow, dear
Let the tears flow
Cry me a river (Crimea river)
Let the tears flow!

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