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How To Draw A Star

      Indeed, there are many ways to draw a star. Take a look at the following demonstration page which includes several quick examples created using JavaScript.


Stars can be drawn simply by connecting dots which are listed as XY coordinate pairs. A more sophisticated approach is to use a little trigonometry to calculate points. The simple methods are not very versatile, but the more complex methods are extremely versatile. Which is a bit of a problem for those who believe in the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) philosophy of life. If the analogy holds for other areas of life, then in order to become a more flexible person one must be careful not to adopt an overly simplistic approach to life. On the other hand, humans can only deal with so much complexity and so perhaps this is not such a great analogy afterall!

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You may wish to draw a star
On a hat or on a car

Several methods may be employed
It's good to know which to avoid
While simple methods may beguile
The best ones are very versatile

Points may come in any number
When you're awake or when you slumber
You should know what the methods are
If you want to draw a star

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