Wild Weeds
Check The Facts

      Logic, reason, and objectivity all seem to be out of fashion. What we now have instead are emotionality, exaggeration, and partisanship. Rational discussion has gone out the door and instead we have people trying to silence the opposition. Actually it's even worse than that. The legal system is used to go after those who do not adhere to the dogma of those in power or who are able to pull strings behind the scenes. The result is bizarre witch hunts and fishing expeditions where individuals are targeted without a crime being committed. Instead of starting with a crime and trying to find a suspect, it is the case that a suspect is identified and then a crime is invented to charge the person with. It's hard to believe that this is the USA, the supposed home of the free and the brave. It's much more similar to some sort of dictatorship, where individuals must toe the party line or else....


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Somebody run and check the facts
She's at it again, she's talking out of her ass
Not really, fully, quite actually aware
Is there even any real intelligence in there?

Forget about the facts
Just tell us how you feel
As long as it's got
Dramatic appeal

Triggered by logic, triggered by the facts
No matter what you say she overreacts
Hysterical behavior, she makes a scene
Exactly what you'd call a drama queen

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