Wild Weeds
Don't Damage The Flowers

      Wildflower displays can be spectacular and sometimes they attract large crowds of people who wish to see the flowers up close and in person. The problem here is that sometimes people get careless and wind up trampling over the poor flowers. As a result of this tendency, many parks have rules requiring that people stay on the paths and trails. Sometimes tickets involving heavy fines are issued to people who do not follow these rules. Why would someone not cooperate and behave according to reasonable guidelines dictated by those in charge of the parks which have rules protecting the flowers is difficult to say. Some want to post selfie videos showing themselves surrounded by flowers. Others want to inspect flowers up close and others just feel that they should not be limited in where they can go even in a crowded park situation. That said, there are plenty of wilderness areas where there are no restrictions on where one can roam!


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There was a sign of warning
To not stray off the trail
The idea was to protect
The flowers blooming in the field

Some might say they have
Magical powers
But please watch your step
Don't damage the flowers

The ranger lady was giving out tickets
That involved a hefty fine
And cuz he stepped off the path
She gave one to a friend of mine

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