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Easter With The Dinosaurs

      Paleontologists have recently traced the origins of Easter all the way back to the dinosaurs. Although humans have altered the way the day is celebrated and have attributed different reasons for the hoiday, it is nonetheless, clear that Easter originated with the dinosaurs. As would be expected, the dinosaurs had their own customs for celebrating the holiday and basically what it all boiled down to was that they ate more on Easter than on other days. Easter, by the way, was originally called Eat More Day. Humans corrupted the orginal name by substituting, dropping, and adding a few letters here and there. In fact, the video on this page helps to illustrate how this happened. It also features a few dinosaurs who are obsessed with eating. How else would they be able to maintain their massive body weight?


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Easter is a time of year
Which dinosaurs adore
They ate a lot every day
But on Easter they ate more

E - A - S - T - E and R
They ways of the dinosaurs
Were truly bizarre!

While celebrating Easter
Keep this thought in mind
Dinosaurs would love to eat you
They were so inclined

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