Wild Weeds

      Some plants just don't want to be eaten and that should come as no surprise. Plant toxins can be deadly and such toxins are produced by Death Camas. There have been cases where people have eaten the plant, believing it to be wild onions most likely, and died as a result. There have also been cases where people have gotten medical help quickly enough for their lives to be saved. Many cases of livestock poisoning have also occurred. Mostly such cases involve sheep or cattle and so those tending these animals should scout out an area to make sure that poisonous plants such as Death Camas are not around since the animals have no way of knowing that Death Camas can kill them if they eat enough of it. While private landowners have every right to remove the plant from their property, it is the case that the plant is sometimes also removed from public pastures. This is obviously problematic since as a native to an ecosystem Death Camus should not be eliminated. However, thoughtless humans sometimes make stupid decisions!


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If death is in its name
Then it's best not to eat it
If you have some on your plate
Then you really should delete it
Sheep and cattle grazing
Might eat some and die
But people should know
What, where, and why

It's called death camas for a reason
So do not eat it during any season
Do not ever eat it if death is in its name!

Toxic to its core
Poisonous all around
From the tips of its leaves
To its roots deep underground
It's really kinda pretty
The flowers are quite nice
But do not ever eat it
That's my advice

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