Wild Weeds
Obsessive Crush

      Most of us are never the target of an obsessive crush and most of us never actually have an obsessive crush on someone. That's not to say that crushes are uncommon, but the one's that can be considered trully obsessive are relatively rare and thank goodness for that! What qualities distinguish a garden variety crush from an obsessive crush, you might ask. Well, just consider what it means to be obsessive. There is an inability to concentrate on anything other than the subject of the crush. There is intense desire which might cause someone to go to great lengths to connect with the target of the crush and there is a disconnect with reality which keeps the person suffering from the crush from realistically assessing the situation so as to avoid behaving inappropriately. The extreme emotionality makes it impossible to think straight and that results in lots of problems potentially.


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She had a crush on a guy who was out of her league
She was as hopeless as a braindead dove
Unrealistic dreams of parking his rig
In her tunnel of obsessive love

He had no intention of hooking up
He had far off lands to explore
The call of adventure beckoned him
He had no time for some worthless boar

She found a dating website featuring dudes
From the land known as Ukraine
She found a loser who was a refugee
Who did way too much cocaine

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